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Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 7

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR A BENCH SEAT? When we were car shopping three years ago, our final two vehicles were the Kia Sorento and the GMC Terrain. We chose the Sorento but we liked the styling of GMC back then. Apparently we still do. General Motors named GMC furthered its initiative to make…Read moreRead more

Peachy Pork-A-Bobs

nomnompaleo: My version incorporates sweet summer peaches in the smoky, fruity sauce, because I really don’t know of a better flavor combination than grilled pork and peaches. The pork is marinated in a simple, flavorful marinade, which means the sauce isn’t absolutely necessary. But I brush on the sauce after the pork’s off the grill (so…Read moreRead more

50 Fantastic Flat Web Designs from 2014

Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 6

HITTING THE RESET BUTTON The Armada changed things for our search. The two of us didn’t think that we needed that much space in a vehicle. But your stance changes when you’re able to comfortably put car seats in and out of a car without having to play Jenga in the process.  Cars taken off…Read moreRead more

Family of Five Car Car Search Series: Episode 5

THERE AIN’T NO ROOM FOR BORING, BUT THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (Car seat in the back) I love these commercials because I too ain’t got no room for boring. But The Muppets can’t put in another tether in the third row seating, which is only available in the middle seat of the back three….Read moreRead more


Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 4

THE PATH TO NOWHERE AND AN UNEXPECTED PLAYER The Pathfinder was the realistic leader of the pack coming into this search. After getting into it with three car seats and playing around with it, it is not a reasonable option for us. 

Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 3

UNFORTUNATELY GOING WHERE PLENTY HAVE (Begrudgingly) GONE BEFORE Now when my wife and I were newly weds we made a pact. There was no blood taken or lambs sacrificed. We simply agreed that under no circumstance whatsoever would we ever, ever, ever ever ever ever ever, get a minivan. We were naive. Very naive. And we…Read moreRead more

Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 2

THE PIZZAZZ-LESS COCKPIT  Our first stop of this journey towards comfort and capacity sent was the Honda Pilot. A very capable vehicle. My parents have an older model, I’d say around 2000. It runs nice. No major repairs. Interior has held up well. It’s big but drives small. 

Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 1

THE SEARCH FOR A NEW NULLA RATIONE (Mode of Transportation) We have searched high and low for a solution to our latest family dilemma. Now that we are expanding to three children, how in the world do we get all of those car seats comfortably into a vehicle that is NOT a minivan? Can we…Read moreRead more

Family of Five Car Search Series: Prelude

So we’re having to alter from our current automobile situation since the family is expanding to a party of five. We’re going to need 3 car seats so that already limits our choices. Our choices started with the Pilot, QX60, MDX, Pathfinder, Highlander, Durango, Flex and Acadia. It shockingly did include two minivans but that…Read moreRead more

Tender shrimp. Creamy grits. Andouille sausage. Red, green and yellow bell peppers.


Quick Hits: Atlanta Falcons Rounds 2-7

Honestly, I don’t know much of anything on the rest of the players the Falcons drafted. I did see their positions and listen to a few of their initial interviews. I CAN say that I love the positions they drafted for: 1 safety, 1 corner, 1 running back, 4 linebackers and 1 defensive tackle. What…Read moreRead more

Quick Hit: Atlanta Falcons 1st Round Pick

Love the pick. I thought it would end up being OT Jake Matthews pretty early on. He was the realistic pick. There was nothing but good things to hear about him. Looks solid pass or run blocking, plus he had to deal with the wackiness of Manziel.

Bright Idea #1 of 2014

So my wife and I had a great idea to do a kitchen and bath remodel. Let me tell you. Not quite a bright idea with a 4, 2, and 10 month old in the house, plus two other adults. It gets, shall I say, a little cray cray. I am acting as the GC…Read moreRead more

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