2017 Retrospective

Every year you can’t help but wonder “What could possibly happen this year?” And each year exceeds any sort of expectations.

That’s not to say that it’s always pupppy dogs and rainbows. Life just happens that way. So here are my mid-January retrospective thoughts on the year 2017, in no particular order:

Looking Back

  1. 2017 was a healthier year for me. I am still working on creating an AltShift base camp, but I feel loads better and need new clothes.
  2. We went to Disney! There were some hiccups but it’s always an overall amazing experience.
  3. The family attended its first comic convention in AwesomeCon. I met Scott Snyder and he signed my Batman #33 from his Zero Year storyline. He told that was his favorite story arc from his legendary run which made me happy since he used The Riddler in it.
  4. My brother and I started the Amateur Dads podcast, Amateur Dads. I went all out on the YouTube version with pictures and everything. Took a hell of a long time though.
  5. I learned how to skateboard. No tricks for me. Just cruising.
  6. Inktober. It’s a full month (October) of drawing pen and ink every single day. It’s a hard challenge. And I completed it. More on this later.
  7. October was a tricky month. While I achieved the feat mentioned above, I also had my greatest loss of the year. We had to say goodbye to our dog Sadie. She’d been with me for 13 years. She was my child from a previous relationship and we were never apart after that. Even though each day is a little easier to deal with her being gone, I still miss her greatly.
  8. We did have a huge addition to the family in the birth of our fourth child. He’s amazing and huge now. He’s forever changed our family dynamic, and it’s fun seeing the kids adapt to this new version of us.
  9. We’re huge Fixer Upper fans and with that, I enjoy seeing the contributions of Clint Harp and Harp Design, Co. We especially love the farmhouse tables he makes, so my dad and I made one. It’s 12 feet long and it’s spectacular.
  10. Continuing the theme of craftsmanship in woodwork, I built some cabinets for my wife’s office and workstations for my kids.

I’m sure I missed something but these are what stand out to me right now. Now on to what might or will happen in 2018!

Looking Forward

  1. Riding the success of Inktober, I am printing a book collecting all of my sketches. I’m nervous and excited about it at the same time. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m sure I’ll post about it here when I have more to report.
  2. AwesomeCon 2018 will not only be the second comic convention I attend, but it will be the first at which I’m tabling. Eek! There are a lot of logistics to figure out, and I’ve been scouring the Internet for as many advice and tips articles as possible. If you have any good tips, please let me know.
  3. I’m already formulating my plan for Inktober 2018. In the meantime, I’ve challenged myself to do a small 3 11/16″ x 4 1/4″ portrait everyday. I may collect some images on here during the year but the best way to track my progress is on my Instagram.

So let me know how your year went and what you have planned for 2018. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for any other updates in my creative life. Here’s to another year of creativity!