Riding the Bus on 66

I’m experimenting with a new means of travel to my work. It’s (duh Duh DUH!) the bus.

A new route opened about 10 minutes away from me and drops off a couple blocks from my workplace. I’d be a fool not to try it out (right?), especially since it’s free for the first two months.

One minor gripe so far is that I have to drive west to then ride east. Overall the past two mornings have been a lot easier to manage and less stressful than the old normal. The way home though is another matter.

So yesterday I missed the bus even though I was early, AND the bus was late so I still got home after 6. I arrived at my stop in front of the bank 13 minutes early and even pondered during my wait how the bus was going to get onto the highway from where we stood. It wasn’t until the moment our bus would have been late that I looked up. And at that exact moment, on the corner diagonally across from where I stood, I saw a bus beginning to leave a stop. I look at the destination…Home. Dammit.

The view of the AM stop from the PM stop.

So I had to wait another 40 minutes for the next bus and made sure my behind was on there.

We’ll see how this experiment goes. I have more time to write or draw (paper size is limited though). I might even be able to read. Here’s yesterday’s doodle on my son Myles’s Christmas sketchbook:

A Miles (Morales) for Myles