I Should Have Asked That Question

My brother and I had another guest on the Amateur Dads podcast. All morning I’ve been kicking myself about questions I should have asked. Naturally I started analyzing why I didn’t ask these questions.

The Game of Thrones Rock

Game of Thrones has been a little…how do I say this…divisive this year. Just kidding. Everyone’s been losing their minds!


There are many things that can remind you of somewhere you hold near and dear to your heart. One such place is the sound of the coquí, a frog native to the island of Puerto Rico. I was watching a…Read moreRead more

My Avengers: Endgame Experience

So today is the official release date of the latest Marvel Studios film, Avengers: Endgame. To say that it is a highly anticipated film would be an understatement. Today will be filled with reaction videos, reviews, speculation, praises and disappointments….Read moreRead more

Amateur Dads: John Saddington

My brother and I were honored to speak with Appa of three on the latest episode of the Amateur Dads podcast. It was a brilliant discussion between three dads recorded on a Friday night. I hope you enjoy, and stay…Read moreRead more

Hominy Grill

I found out this week that the Hominy Grilling Charleston , SC will be closing its doors at the end of the month. That’s sad news for myself and other patrons of this amazing restaurant.

Todd McFarlane

If you create interesting ideas, then they’re just naturally going to draw people’s curiosity. Todd McFarlane

Proud Transformers Moment: The Bumblebee Opening

The family watched Bumblebee this weekend, and the opening scene was a thing of glory. As the scene progressed, the family shouted out names of Autobots and Decepticons. Ratchet! Arcee! Cliffjumper! Wheeljack! Optimus! Soundwave! Starscream! Shockwave!

Now on Anchor

The Amateur Dads podcast is now on Anchor. What does that mean? I’m not quite sure.

Comics DNA

Twitter was bombarded in mid-February by #comicsDNA, and it was all Alex Segura’s fault when he tweeted:

Why I Participate in Art Challenges

A new art challenge pops up on Twitter seemingly every day. March of Robots, Mermay. Inktober. Slow-vember. In reality, there are only a few quality challenges created with the truest intentions.

NBA 18-19

I haven’t watched this much NBA in years, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s refreshing to see teams like Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Denver doing well. As a Lakers fan, I’m disappointed in this season. There has been drama, but…Read moreRead more

“Searching|” Gave Me Anxiety

My wife and I have watched quite a few movies so far this year, and the other night we saw perhaps the best one yet: Searching. The movie is a very original take on the thriller. We experience the story…Read moreRead more

My Second Six Year Old

My daughter celebrated her birthday recently, and it’s just amazing how time flies. Not too long ago she hadn’t even started preschool. By the end of this year she’ll be in first grade.

Portfolio Exercises

Nate Cosby (@NateCosBOOM) periodically sends out tweets like this one:

Ai Archives

I was digging through some folders on my computer and didn’t find what I was looking for. I did find these gems from my Computer Illustration class though.

Recognition After 30 Years

For the first time in the history of The Citadel Gospel Choir, 30 years, the choir now has a badge of honor to wear on their uniform. Momolu Cooper The Citadel Gospel Choir hosted a Black History Month concert, “An…Read moreRead more


Spring starts on March 20 and my family is aching for warmer weather. It snowed yet again yesterday in Northern Virginia, and so you know what that means: schools closed for two days! They’re really trying our parental nerves over…Read moreRead more

Working Title: Watch the News (WIP)

A few months ago I drafted a small outline of a four page short story based on my experiences as a military brat, seeing my dad leave from time to time.