My Avengers: Endgame Experience

So today is the official release date of the latest Marvel Studios film, Avengers: Endgame.

To say that it is a highly anticipated film would be an understatement. Today will be filled with reaction videos, reviews, speculation, praises and disappointments. I have my thoughts, but instead of diving into those I want to share my movie going experience.

First off, I want to commend my local Regal for embracing assigned seating a few months ago. Without it, there’d be riots and long lines…and after a week of waiting in lines for rides and entertainment I would not have wanted to do that again.

Second, we bought our tickets for a Thursday show due to family schedule commitments. Otherwise, we tend to avoid the opening weekend for such an event based movie. We like to sit and experience what we paid our money to see.

So with that said, we walked into a packed theater filled with viewers of all ages. Within the first twenty minutes, there were already gasps, sniffles, cheers, and fist bumps. We were in for a treat.

For some reason, my current self was affected by the movie in various ways, but not nearly to the point of some around us who were bawling tears at times, or completely shocked by obvious plot points (to me) or events which took place. My wife and I would make eye contact after sniffles like “wudufuh??”

It’s not like I’m not invested in these characters. I’ve seen all of the movies, I own most of them, and rewatched some countless times. I’m a firm believer that Robert Downey, Jr. IS Iron Man; Chris Evans IS Captain America. And the combination of Chris Hemsworth and writer Jason Aaron made Thor one of my favorite characters ever.

But tears? No. Shock and awe. Yes. Clapping at the end? Never (they can’t hear you!!).

For all the crap I’m laying out for those who filled theater 5, they are the perfect example of the time and emotional investment we fans have made over the past ten years and twenty-two films. Where will we go from here? Who knows? Well, Kevin Feige….he knows. But aside from him none of us know what direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe will take. I look forward to the ride. And I can’t wait to purchase the super-mega omnibus version of this Infinity Saga which started before I was engaged and has “ended” a year and a half after my fourth child was born.

Stay sweaty my friends.