AwesomeCon 2018 Recap


Last weekend, I worked my first Artist Alley only 9 months after attending my first comic convention ever. AwesomeCon in Washington, D.C. was super fun and I met a lot of amazing people: great and talented cosplayers, artists, and writers.

I was able to slip away from the table a few times (thanks to my awesome brother Keith for assisting me at the table), and meet some of the creators influencing me right now.

Clay Mann and I discussed Inktober after he signed my “Superfriends” Date Night” issues of Batman. He’s a man of few words, but he did comment that the commitment to complete 31 drawings a day during Inktober was pretty intense.

Later, I had the opportunity to visit the Dark Nights: Metal team of writer Scott Snyder, penciler Greg Capullo, and inker Jonathan Glapion. Greg’s birthday was the Friday of the con so I gifted him a print of my Capullo-inspired drawing from Inktober. Scott asked me what I had been up to the past year since I last visited their table, and I told him how I was tabling this year. He welcomed me to the neighborhood and that just felt all sorts of awesome.

Near the end of the con, like breakdown was already starting for folks, I visited Sean Gordon Murphy. He is writing and drawing the Batman: White Knight story. I showed him my Napier ’18 campaign shirt I created (available on Threadless) and he really liked it. Even said he would retweet our picture with it.

What I’ve really enjoyed post-AwesomeCon are the follow up conversations via Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been more engaged in the community and just reinvigorated overall. While no drawing has happened this week, I did reach out to a fellow artist on Instagram (ColorReaper) when he offered up the digital inks of a Darth Maul drawing for anyone interested in coloring it. I’m not sure I would have reached out to him before the Con.

There’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes here that I look forward to sharing. Stay tuned. And revisit this post later today as I’ll have links abundant. Right now I need to run to help my dad put up a barn door.  [Update: The door isn’t put up yet the holes are drilled! It’s surprisingly hard to hold up the track.]SaveSave