(Belated) Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #22

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artists: Valerio Schiti & David Lopez

Quill for President is becoming a thing. Spartax delegates are figuring out who to endorse for their next president. Anti-Earth sentiment isn’t working and they need someone whom the citizens will rally around. Togth comes up with the self-proclaimed “brash” and “glocksy” idea of the Legendary Star-Lord. 

At the end of last issue we were treated with some “I AM VENOM!” Now the rest of the crew gets to have some fun with ginormous tree Venom. The symbiote is stripped of Groot finally only to have it latch onto a certain non-raccoon. It gets on someone else at the end of the issue but I’ll leave that to you to find out. 

Captain Marvel pops up in the middle of the issue fighting some Creature from the Black Lagoon looking aliens. I was wondering what she was doing after the breaking Peter Quill out of jail. She just disappeared. And here she is again…ok.

This is a middle issue of an arc with a “Part 1 of 2” Mockingjay feel. The story is developing but not complete but subplots are coming together. Art great again. I enjoyed the little 80’s references when the ship (are they calling it the Milano in the comics?) loses it’s gravitational functions.

Until next time..