Amateur Dads is on iTunes

Well seek and he shall find. 

We’re now available for download on iTunes! They had a quick approval proc as. They really are just checking that your RSS feed is set up properly. 

Seeing it up here makes me want to edit info already. Hopefully there are no snags with that. 

Amateur Dads is on Stitcher

This has been pretty fun figuring out the RSS feeds and getting uploaded in multiple places. Now to just get iTunes to work so I can get us up there. 

Here is our show link on Stitcher: 

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AD Ep 001: Roller Coasters, Movies, and the Four Universal Beverages

Well, we’ve done it. The first episode is up and loaded to YouTube and SoundCloud. I still need to get the RSS feed hooked up to iTunes but this is a start. We’re pretty pumped up about it. It’s a lot of work though. I probably overthought the visuals for YouTube but I wanted to do something more than just have a singular picture up the entire hour. Thus, the visual aids.

My brother and I would really appreciate any feedback at @amateurdads on Twitter or send us an email at Keep it constructive.

Amateur Dads: Podcast Premiere Coming Soon

We’re working on a format issue but my brother and I are so close to getting our first podcast up. It may be on SoundCloud or I may upload to YouTube with visuals.

Or it could be both. We’ll let you know. 

Amateur Dads Podcast

Getting through my email the other day I came across James Altucher’s post from March 16 “How My Podcast Downloads Doubled Overnight.”

He discusses various topics including the growth of podcasting, ways to increase downloads, and if podcasts make money. 

What interested me the most is his advice to “Have a Unique Vision.” On this front, I believe, my brother and I are on the right track. 

Our premise is simple: we’re two brothers with kids.  The unique vision comes from the younger brother being the more experienced parent and the elder serving as the newbie. We believe it’s an automatically interesting perspective unseen in the #parenting space. 

Why is it called Amateur Dads? Well, quite honestly, because we are indeed amateurs. We have no prior experience in this lifelong role as a parent. It’s on the job training 24 hours a day 365/6 days a year. We’re constantly learning in this ever evolving space and the more information we can share with each other the better. 

I’ll link to the podcast once we are up and running. We have logistical issues to work out, but we’re both excited to get going. Until then, I’ve started vlogging. I may touch upon some Amateur Dads-like subjects there as well.