37.01.19: Detective Pikachu

I was never really a fan of Pokémon as a kid, but all I have to say is “¡pika pika!” after watching Detective Pikachu.

I was 14 when the series first showed up in the states, and ending the first of my two years living in the Azores (Açores), Portugal. I could acknowledge though how much of a phenomenon it was.

Prepare for (illegal) battle!

My kids really enjoyed the movie. I think my wife did too because she kept saying “pika” to my youngest. Ryan Reynolds was spectacular in his voiceover. And when you embrace the cheesiness , the humans we’re good too.

The biggest takeaway is despite an initial groan at the idea of Pikachu running around with a detective hat on is giving the movie a chance. We hear these ideas and make snap judgments, but we don’t have all the information. Remember to let the story be told, and then you can critique what’s presented.