Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 1


We have searched high and low for a solution to our latest family dilemma. Now that we are expanding to three children, how in the world do we get all of those car seats comfortably into a vehicle that is NOT a minivan? Can we get enough storage capacity to take bags and our dog on long trips a few times a year?  And it still not be a minivan?

We checked out the car seat blog to check which cars would fit three seats across. We also checked Kelly Blue Book for the best family cars available

We concentrated on all the midsize and crossover vehicles. Then we further focused on fuel economy, storage size behind the second and third rows, third row seat access, hip room and the ability to fit three seats.

Our final list of candidates were the Infiniti QX60, Dodge Durango, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander and the Acura MDX. The Honda Odyssey was added under a time of extreme duress for my wife. 

We test drove four cars and our direction has changed already. Come along as we realize the unfortunate truth for a family of five.

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