Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 2


Our first stop of this journey towards comfort and capacity sent was the Honda Pilot. A very capable vehicle. My parents have an older model, I’d say around 2000. It runs nice. No major repairs. Interior has held up well. It’s big but drives small. 

This edition appears that it will be just as reliable and well made. The style of the 2014 we drove has been around since 2009. The 2015s are coming and will be the same as well, and that is very unfortunate.

The Pilot would greatly benefit from an interior make over. It’s a spacious car that fits three car seats across, has plenty of storage, and is very capable as a people mover. The vehicle merely lacks any sort of excitement. I guess for right price I could buy a boring, reliable car. But I’d rather have a reliable car that I am excited to get into and drive.

The Pilot is not that car. And now our search continues.

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