Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 3


Now when my wife and I were newly weds we made a pact. There was no blood taken or lambs sacrificed. We simply agreed that under no circumstance whatsoever would we ever, ever, ever ever ever ever ever, get a minivan.

We were naive. Very naive. And we have come to accept that.

The question now is: Do we give into the allure of the Honda Odyssey

Honestly it’s hard not to. Minivans have come a long way from even ten years ago, let alone the 80’s and 90’s. The damn thing has a vacuum cleaner in it now for goodness sakes (top of the line edition, of course). At least they partnered with Shop-Vac.

The exterior is the best of any current minivan in production. Just adding that uneven window line on the profile of the vehicle is enough of a differentiation from the Sienna and whatever other minivan options. The interior is full of cupholders, drink coolers, and some impressive tech. The navigation is on a separate screen high on the dash and all inputs are done on a separate screen in the center of the dash console. In the upper end models it’s touch screen and you don’t have to use the dial to input your queries letter by letter as you rotate the knob. That would annoy the hell out of me. Another “knock” is the gear shifter is on the dash, not on the center console or attached to the steering column (like a truck). I have never liked this style although I did find myself resting my hand on it as I was driving. So perhaps I could get over it.

Overall, I reluctantly admit that the minivan is an impressive vehicle and makes one consider whether he is secure enough to purchase the dreaded minivan.

We’ll have to see just how long the Odyssey lingers on the list. For now, our search continues.

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Side note: It was funny to see how all of the lists of top family cars never mentioned any other minivans aside from those two. If you can wait until quarter four of 2014, I’d check out the Kia Sedona. That looks like it will be a competitor. And at a greater value than the Toyota or Honda.