Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 4


The Pathfinder was the realistic leader of the pack coming into this search. After getting into it with three car seats and playing around with it, it is not a reasonable option for us. 

Here are the pros. The Pathfinder does fit three car seats across. It also has a third row of two seats. In the higher trims there is an all around camera that lets you see completely around the car in drive. It’s pretty sweet. Another amazing camera feature is you see a camera view of your blind spot when you turn your signal on. Add in a blind spot monitor and you should just have your license taken away if you hit any one else while driving this thing. 

Now time for the negatives. The steering wheel seems small, like it belongs in a Sentra. Also if you haven’t driven a CVT at all, or, in my case, in quite a long time, it takes some getting used to. Access to the back is hard with installed car seats. You can get captain’s chairs instead of the bench in the second row, but then our eldest would have to climb over the center console. to get to the back seat and her chair. There are other reasons why we took the car off our list, honestly it’s been too long since we drove it to remember why exactly that happened. It was probably space. The car and its features are impressive but it’s not as roomy inside as the boring Pilot.

So the Pathfinder off of our car list. And our search continues…but not too far away. There is an unexpected player that comes about. And it’s name is Armada. 

This sucker is ridiculous. It’s gas mileage, however, is atrocious. Our search would have ended if the mileage weren’t barely in the teens. There is a bountiful amount of space inside, and it’s a very masculine vehicle (being based off a truck and all that). My wife did have to utilize all the help she could getting into the vehicle. She also envisioned putting the girls into their seats as a chore, due to the height. Loading and unloading from the trunk seemed like it would be interesting. She also wished the all around camera was in the Armada since it’s in more need of it than the Pathfinder. The 2015s are set to come out in the fall but we have not seen any notes as far as integrating that camera system. They do note Nissan will be using lighter materials for some better mileage numbers. 

Overall, we were of a like-mind that if the mileage wasn’t as bad as it was that we would be set with a new Armada in our garage.

The Armada is not our winner and is thus off of our list. And our search still continues.

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