Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 6


The Armada changed things for our search. The two of us didn’t think that we needed that much space in a vehicle. But your stance changes when you’re able to comfortably put car seats in and out of a car without having to play Jenga in the process. 

Cars taken off of the list:

Durango: Not enough hip room to justify a purchase. We did find ourselves constantly revisiting this vehicle because it looks so big in person. Perhaps it will get an in person visit if we find there are three latch systems in it.

MDX: Is it worth the money for a luxury version of the Pilot? We don’t think so.

QX60: Luxury version of the Pathfinder, and we already discussed that vehicle.

Explorer (wasn’t on original list): Only two latch sets on the second row bench 

Cars added to the list:

GMC Acadia

GMC Yukon/XL

Ford Expedition

And now the search continues…

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