Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 7


When we were car shopping three years ago, our final two vehicles were the Kia Sorento and the GMC Terrain. We chose the Sorento but we liked the styling of GMC back then. Apparently we still do. General Motors named GMC furthered its initiative to make GMC it’s premium main stream option to the Chevrolet trucks/SUVs. I think they have achieved this mission in the new lineup of vehicles. The Denali editions are top of the line but the regular 2015s are supposed to better than any Denali before.

The Acadia is the Chevrolet Equinox with a less curvaceous, more muscular body. The interior is the same minus the interior lighting (red versus blue).
Unfortunately we were not able to drive an Acadia with a bench seat. The closest vehicle with one was roughly 300 miles away. I guess the captains chairs sell like hot cakes in the southeast.

We’re pretty sure three car seats would fit in the Acadia. We still face the issue though of having to put the baby either on the outside of the three seat configuration (not an option), or reaching across a forward facing seat to put in a carrier or the baby into the rear facing seat in the middle.

Car shopping is stressful enough and it sucks having to put seats in and out of all these cars we are test driving. But seeing, touching, experiencing the vehicles takes the guess work out of the process and helps the truth come out faster than speculating as you peruse the internet. So get out there and take all the seats you have. Try them out in different configurations. Put them in the second row, third row. And be unapologetic on the questions you ask. This is a big investment and should not be entered into blindly.

We did test drive another car on our visit that pushed the Acadia down on the list a little bit. And so our search continues, but not too far away.

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