Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 8


We went to see a mid-size and ended up driving the XL version of the Yukon through the back parking lot at our local GMC/Buick dealership. My wife was scared that she’d hit something and not be able to maneuver the vehicle. That was far from the truth, as a good driver is able to adapt to what they are driving pretty quickly. 

We looked at the “normal” Yukon and oddly enough, my wife felt she’d rather have the XL. There’s space aplenty in the Yukon. We can definitely fit all of the kids and car seats into the second row bench and have a ton of space in the back, even with the third row up. I’ll campaign for the regular over the CL (I’m not sure we need THAT much car. Either way, the Yukon is tops on the list right now. 

Note: The 2015 edition is better looking than the 2014 Denali in our opinion. I’ve seen some professional reviewers make note of this as well.

Our search continues but we do have a contender here. See below for the rest of the series: