Hominy Grill

Mmmmmm…Shrimp and Grits

I found out this week that the Hominy Grilling Charleston , SC will be closing its doors at the end of the month. That’s sad news for myself and other patrons of this amazing restaurant.

It’s my understanding the closing is the will of its owner. He’s going out how he wants to. While that won’t fill my stomach with their delicious food anymore, I can respect his decision.

I have many good memories at the little restaurant on the corner of Rutledge and Cannon. It’s insufficiently sized parking lot. The lovely mural on red siding stating “Grits are Good for you.” And the little patio area you’d walk through with a walk up service window.

I also remember eating dinner there one night while my daughter lay across my lap, passed from a long day. They stopped dinner service a little while ago. A sign of what was to come?

I also recall having Mother’s Day (2014) breakfast there. It’s the oldest picture on my phone and a rare time I just hang out with my mom. I need to change that.

I will miss the shrimp and grits. The biscuits and gravy. The Fried Green Tomatoes. The Mac and Cheese (as a vegetable). And the Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Alas, we will move on. I unfortunately do not have a comparable dining establishment close to where I live now. Hearing this news just makes me nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” where I took places like Hominy Grill for granted since they were so readily available. That was my mistake.

But my love for shrimp and grits will never waiver. I thank you for that. Reminds me that grits are still good for me.