Stuff I Love: A Jake Parker Analogy (Which Is Always Good)

If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have a great appreciation for Jake Parker and his reinvestment in the art community.

But in this post I want to highlight something else Jake contributes: amazing analogies. He’s filled with them. The best example is the “Creative Bank Account.” In the most recent episode of 3 Point Perspective, How to Change, this is what he said about how, or when, artists should consider changing their style:

I was on a run yesterday morning and I was like: ‘I’m here in Arizona, I’ve gotta establish myself. It’s not time right now for me to put time and energy into a project that’s not going to make money, I need to be working on something that’s going to be making money.’ And I started thinking about ancestors of mine who came across the ocean, established themselves here. What was the first thing they planted? Did they plant flowers or did they plant vegetables? Right? They wanted to survive and in order to establish themselves they planted an actual vegetable garden. They planted crops, they planted corn so that they could feed themselves, they could make money selling thise things, and then once they had that established they could do as many flower gardens as they wanted.

And to take the analogy even further, if your flower garden is beautiful enough, you can then take your flowers to the marketplace and sell those as well. But it’s hard to sell flowers when someone is hungry. They’re going to want to buy a barrel of apples before they buy a bouquet of flowers. If you’re an artist who wants to stay in the game as long as you can you have to figure out a way to make money. And maybe, for you, making money is doing something completely non-art related that allows you to have your flower garden, alls you to have this own style and do whatever you want to do with it. But if you want to make money with your art, then plant that crop of corn and harvest it.

Jake Parker, “Harvest Your Art Crop”