Sucked into a Livestream

I had a really fun (and interesting) time getting sucked into a livestream with Jason Inman and his wife, Ashley Victoria Robinson.

There I was washing the dishes after getting my two year old to sleep. I saw them go “live” on Instagram and clicked on the notification. They’d already sucked in a couple other guests before I saw it on my screen. The notice that they wanted me to join. My first thought was “Aw crap, my hands are all wet.” The second was “I need to get downstairs so I don’t wake everyone up.”

That came into play later when Adrienne messaged me while I was talking to let me know she could hear me clear as day. I guess my voice traveled up the stairwell and looped into her ears.

Anyway,I managed to fill nine and a half minutes or so of the night, chatting it up with some great people. If you’ve never met or heard of Jason, Keith and I spoke with him when he released his book Super Soldiers.