Macbook Air Issues Continue

The keyboard and trackpad issues continue for my Macbook Air so I’m typing this with my bigMac’s bluetooth keyboard and mouse. This, of course, negates the awesomeness of the Air drastically.

I had an appointment at the local Apple store, but right before that my issues went away (through various resets of PRAM and SMC). It was fine for a few days. The gal at the store opened it up and said it wasn’t a hardware issue.. Enter yesterday where the issues resurfaced. 

The “genius” told me if the issue peresisted to perform a complete system restore. I had a recent Time Machine backup so I wiped the hard drive (press CMD + R during startup to access the Disk Utility options to perform this task). I then reinstalled OS X Yosemite, then migrated over all of my backed up information minus all applications sine they may have contributed to my problem.

It was supposed to work. It didn’t. It simply threw me into a curse filled tirade. I called the Apple Support and the guy couldn’t help me. I performed all the tasks he would have run me through. His thoughts are it’s a hardware issue. I’ll need to send it out which could run between $200 and $400. It’s cheaper than buying a new one but geesh what an inconvenience. 

Has anybody else had this issue?