Never Stop Learning

Stay true. Stay humble. Never stop learning.

–John Saddington, Trying to Win The Internet newsletter

This is and has been a mantra throughout my life. An outsiders perspective could think my interests are fleeting, but it’s really an immense interest in gathering knowledge and experiences.

Case in point, I just purchased my first skateboard at the age of 35. I’ve never skated. I tried it when I was 9 or 10 at a friends house, fell off and never got on a board again.

But for some odd reason leading up to Father’s Day and my birthday I thought of giving the skateboard another try. I also thought of shared experiences I could have with my kids. As a parental teaching moment though this is a great way to show my kids how to keep learning, and how not to give up when you keep falling down.

Hopefully broken bones don’t get involved.