Not What I Wanted

It happened again tonight. Family cartoon viewing, and there I go. Falling asleep. Ugh, this is not what I wanted when I grew up.

I remember when I was growing up, my family would sit down together after dinner to enjoy some show or movie together. We would sit there in front of the television and within five minutes, my dad would be asleep…snoring. It was so bad, and annoying. Now that is me. I am the one too tired to sit with my family. I am the one who fights and just can’t defeat those heavy eyes.


So about that Featured Image. My eldest made me this cartoon for me. An ode to my condition that no matter how hard I fight it, I simply give in and fade away. I’ll keep fighting the good fight to keep Mr. Sandman away when I get a moment to chill with my family. As long as they know I’m doing my best.