On Being Human

 Do you know how I like to think of myself? As a human being. Because under the heavens, under the sky, there is but one family.
–Bruce Lee

More wisdom dropped during the Bruce Lee podcast. “On Being Human” released on March 15 and comes during a time when there is a lot of negativity floating around society. Shannon and Sharon discuss Bruce’s various thoughts on what it means to be human and live amongst all of us other humans here under the heavens.

Not conviction, not method, but perception is the way of truth. It is a state of effortless awareness.

Today [NOTE: I wrote this a few days ago] was all-over the place with various stories all touching upon this topic of being human. I read articles about the Bill O’Reilly firing and that Alt-Right guy having his canceled event on the Auburn campus reinstated by the court. There was just a lot of tension in the air.

Then I listened to “On Being Human.” Here are some great quotes

The simple truth is that these opinions on such things as racism, are traditions which are nothing more than a formula that was laid down by elder peoples experience. As we progress and time changes, it is necessary to reform this formula. I, Bruce Lee, am a man who never follows these formulas of the fear mongers. So no matter if your color is black, or white, red or blue, I can still make friends with you without any barrier.

The duty of a quality human being is a development of one’s potential.

Have an awareness of your mindset and attitude. Be in a growth mindset and a connection mindset. Take stock in how you look at everything.

Ask yourself “Why?” if you are in a fearful mindset.

Being human is to grow and integrate.

If you aren’t listening to this podcast, please do yourself a favor and give it a go.