I’ve gotten into the Casey Neistat channel on YouTube recently and I’ve seen him zooming around the streets of New York on various modes of transportation. One has caught my eye since the creators were on the show recently dropping off the latest version of their Onewheel product, the Onewheel+.

Check this thing out:

I’ve never been a skateboarder. I’ve always wanted to learn to surf or snowboard. This could be the closest I come to ever experiencing the latter two. It’s just a very neat concept. It moves like a segway or hoverboard, using your weight distribution to control speed and direction.

I would need to save for months to get one of these bad boys. The price tag for the original Onewheel is $1,299, the Onewheel+ will be available for $1,499. But seeing the promos and Casey’s videos with this awesome invention makes me think of using this with the kids.

Maybe one day I’ll be posting a “My First Ride on the Onewheel” video.