Going the Extra Mile for Raving Fans

Jake Parker is an artist who creates value wherever possible. From his courses on SVS Learn to his YouTube videos to the 3 Point Perspective podcast, he preaches the doctrine of letting your art work for you on multiple levels. He practices what he preaches.

He also goes the extra mile with details others may not consider. For example, I ordered a short run print of his inspired by Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Masters study

Inside the mailer tube I not only found my print, but some other goodies as well.

The complete package.

I received the print, a robot sticker, and a brochure size paper with instructions on “How to Flatten a Rolled Print.”

Who doesn’t love a sticker!
Tips on how to flatten a rolled print…?

Who doesn’t ask themselves this question when receiving a print or a poster? I mean, c’mon!

But in all seriousness, it’s these little details which set Jake above many other artists when it comes to delivering a top notch experience with his (raving) fans.