Platform of Consumption

So I’ve had a YouTube channel/account for years. It’s always served as a platform of consumption. From structured business accounts (Collider, Schmoes Know and Nerdist) to personal channels and vlogs (Jawiin, Casey Neistat and John Saddington) I enjoy tons of content. However, with my drive to produce more than I consume I decided to start contributing to the video space and attempt a vlog. 

After only 1 published video (to date), with 1 in the queue, I’ve already realized <!–more–>this space is tough, and requires quite the time commitment. Editing alone is ridiculous!

Of course adjustments will be made and perhaps I’m not adhering to the “finished, not perfect” mantra. You want to make something good, and perhaps a change is needed on my part to the medium. 

It’s an ongoing experiment. We’ll so how it goes. ?