A Question to Consider Regarding Your Art Style and Work

Jake Parker, on what artists should consider regarding style when they are looking for work:

Here’s the question to ask yourself: Do I want to get work from a particular industry? And if so, am I willing to change my style to fit what that industry wants? Or am I content on building my own personal following, my own fan base and willing to do the extra work, the hard work, that it’s gonna take to figure out how to monetize a following…which is, you go into not just being an artist but also being a business person as well.

And so if you’re completely content to not worry about ever getting a freelance job and just focusing on, “I’m going to build this fan base based on this style” then you don’t need to change anything, because there’s enough people in this world and the internet gives everybody access to you, then you’ll find an audience [it might take 10 years, it might take 1 year, depending on your style and how good you are at having people find you].

But if you’re wanting to get work from a major publisher or a major animation studio or a video game company, having Jon Klassen’s portfolio and trying to get a job at Blizzard working on Overwatch isn’t going to work. You’re gonna have to change your style.

These are some things for me to consider as I build towards my ultimate goal of being published. Do I continue in my own lane and see who takes to it? Or do I try and hop on an “accepted” style and ride those coattails?

I can only be myself, and tell my own stories. What I will need to identify is 1) when my skill is unable to present the story as envision it, 2) when I need to level up to tell the story myself, and 3) when I should partner with others to tell the story.