Redbox $.99 Rentals

Who can’t pass up a good deal? Or a good deal on entertainment?

Redbox has “older” movies BACK IN THE BOX for just $.99 a night! It’s a pretty sweet deal for movie watchers and maybe it’ll push you over the decision making edge to see that movie you missed out on. You know the one I’m taking about.

This is a great idea by Redbox and I look forward to taking advantage of it.

If I have the time. And there’s something I haven’t seen yet. And my wife and I can agree.

Or maybe I just get it? She’ll watch whatever I pick so long as it interests her. Just look what happened when I put Split on the TV when she said she didn’t want to see it. She still didn’t watch, but was intrigued and then read the synopsis on Wikipedia.

Wait…what?! Who does that?? She does.