Influences: John Saddington

I’ve mentioned John Saddington a few times before, either here or on my previous version of my blog. I would just like to take this post to virtually thank him for the motivation he provides through his vlog.

He’s even motivated me to start a (sporadic) vlog myself. I devoted it mostly to  the retrospective tense of storytelling, which may adjust over time. In the future I’ll expand the vlog to cover projects I am working on. Speaking of other projects I am actively drafting a story and developing my children’s book.

So how does John influence me? He is just a motivational voice that encourages his various followers to get out and create. No matter what you are working on, he encourages you to get it out there and produce. It’s sort of along the lines of Jake Parker’s mantra for art and story of “Finished, Not Perfect.” If you just keep editing or talking about something, it’ll never get done. Get it done and then, iterate.

Just wanted to virtually thank John for being a positive influence.