“Searching|” Gave Me Anxiety

My wife and I have watched quite a few movies so far this year, and the other night we saw perhaps the best one yet: Searching.

The movie is a very original take on the thriller. We experience the story through a completely digital perspective. The directors used aspects of Windows and Apple operating systems to an amazing degree.

There were a few places where the movie could have gone cliche, but it didn’t and the movie was better for it. I look forward to the next work by these amazing creators.

Here is a well-written, in-depth article on the process of making the film that explains all of this much better than I could. It’s labor intensive and incredible to witness:

So while I recommend the movie, it definitely gave me a lot of anxiety. I’m watching the events unfold and John Cho’s performance as the father David Kim grabs you and doesn’t let go. All of his concerns, worries, disappointments, and playfulness were so real. I have four kids and I cannot imagine how I would react if they went missing.

I turned to my wife after it finished and told her about my anxiety. She asked “Why?” and I told her how I was thinking about the kids and the internet. She sarcastically retorted that our kids are never getting on the internet.