Sons of Anarchy: Mr. Mayhem Meets Us All

It’s hard to believe that SOA is over. Here we are a week and a half later and it feels like there’s a hole in my life, especially at 10pm on Tuesday. It’s been a long ride with the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Origin but I think that Kurt Sutter weaved together an intricate story with a wonderful conclusion.

It’s probably one of the best dramatic finales I’ve ever seen. The Sopranos is tops for me, both for it’s impact on society and it’s execution of recall and mystery. But I think where Tony’s death is left up to mystery, Jax’s ending need to be explicit.

I’m glad Sons didn’t divert from it’s true sense of self in the finale. Storylines are wrapped up but others are opened for the rest of the characters. We are only finishing our ride with Jax. The adventures of the rest of SAMCRO could easily continue to be told. There are already a book and a comic book series out there. We could easily see more.

I was late to the party of this biker gang of California outlaws but I’m glad I joined in. After getting over Charlie Hunnam’s voice in those first episodes, I was able to relax and go along for this wildest of rides. My wife asked me during the final season, I think it was after Juice’s death, how I could watch a show that had such disregard for death and killing. I told her there isn’t a disregard for the lives that are taken but they are taken, mostly, out of consequence. There were very strict rules in this series for these characters. If they didn’t live by then there were always repercussions and Mr. Mayhem was always there to get his due.

I’ll miss the ride but I look forward to seeing the fellas in their new endeavors, whatever they may be. We are certain to see Charlie in the Pacific Rim sequels, but I wonder where Theo Rossi or Kim Coates are going to be seen next. We’ll just have to wait and find out.