Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This. Movie. Is. Dope.

There was an advanced screening of Spider-Verse last week, and man oh man has it been tough not being able to share our enjoyment of the film with anyone purely based off the fact they had not experienced it yet.

Seeing a different Spider-Man’s story was a unique experience. While similar in basic elements, we find that there are countless possibilities for who can wear a spider mask.

The animation was like nothing I’ve seen before. Sony actually had to develop it’s own program to meld the multiple types of animation together into one rendering. It’s quite fascinating: 3D, 2D, color, black and white all working together.

The best part of the movie are all the follow up questions from my son. He’s inundated me with questions covering everything from how Miles Morales learned to back flip to how all of his hair fits into his mask. I mean, these are valid questions. And you can track them over on my Twitter.