Stuff I Love: Metallica’s St. Anger Album

I was listening to a bunch of live performances from the Metallica YouTube channel and two songs popped up back-to-back…St. Anger’s Frantic and St. Anger.

I remember when this album came out. It was much maligned. The snare sounded terrible on the drums. The mix was awful. There were no guitar solos. Who was this band and where did they put the “real” Metallica?

Well they were still there. They were just going through some stuff…as chronicled in the Some Kind of Monster documentary (you should watch it!).

It’s just nice to see these once hated songs get their time to shine now as the band has moved through their transition and released a new wave of albums melding together their longford writing of before, with their sound and experience from when the “first sold out”.

Metallica is a band which is truly themselves while still experimenting and stretching the bounds of what it means to be a metal band.