Creating and Executing Against Experiments

John discussed today in the vlog how he goes about starting new creative projects. As someone who has multiple projects/products in their infant stages, I took notes.

Show Notes: How to Start a New Project

  1. Time box
    1. Establish a clear Start Date and End Date
    2. Especially useful when you are new to the space/market/field
    3. Helps create objectivity around the experiment/project
  2. Create (artificial) constraints
    1. Additional constraints to the system to see if it is successful
    2. Helps minimize complexity
    3. Could be applied to tools/resources used
    4. Commit to the constraints to help focus time and attention on real goal
  3. Execution
    1. Limit what you have to learn to complete your goal
    2. Stop planning. It makes things more difficult to see if you’ve done a good job.
  4. Accountability
    1. Invite others in to “participate” with you
    2. Let people know what you are working so they can keep you accountable

You never know what will happen with the projects or where they may go. If you work full-time and then work on these projects, you need to maintain perspective. It’s still OK to dream, but read John’s post-mortem:

Don’t spend any time thinking about potential future outcomes. One of the biggest wastes of your time…Right now in the beginning stages of a new experiment and project, you don’t know jack. You have no idea where any of this will go. You don’t even know if you’re gonna be able to complete the initial time box experiment. Before you even get there, before you even get to the end of the time box experiment, it provides you zero value to emotionally or psychologically think about outcomes. It is just completely and utterly pointless.

So with that said, hello dear reader. I have this new project I’m working on. Quite a few actually. But the first I’ll discuss is I’m trying to write my own children’s book. I already have a title: My Sister Always Copies Me! I’m coming up with my time constraint, but I do have it outlined. Would you keep me accountable on getting this book completed and published? Can I invite you in to my journey, my adventure, my exploration into this new realm of Children’s Literature and Cartooning?

Let me know if you are willing to keep me accountable or if you’re working on side projects you need my help with. Contact me on Twitter @JMPin140 or Instagram @jaepereiraart.