Cloonan: “Storytelling Above All”

I was going through old draft posts, and came across this bit I wanted to remember from an Off Panel podcast interview between David Harper and artist Becky Cloonan. These are three different inspiring quotes about art and story:

David Harper (Off Panel): You did this Twitter thread about how even if you “can’t draw” you can still make a comic as long as you can get the story across. I think a lot of people have a problem with that. They look [at other artists and compare themselves and think they can never draw like that]….How difficult and important of a lesson do you think it is for aspiring comic creators to know that [you can still create a comic], to learn that it’s really about storytelling above all?

Becky Cloonan: If you don’t know how to tell a story visually you’ll never be able to write a comic. …You don’t have to be a really good draftsman. You just have to understand story, and I think the only way to do that is to make comics.

She adds:

And if you let the fact that you can’t, that you think in your head that you can’t draw because you don’t draw like Alex Ross, then how else are you going to learn? You’re just setting yourself up for failure by not doing it, and it’s a bad excuse. It’s a really bad excuse.

Art is subjective. Try not to concern yourself with style. It will just happen and evolve over time.

Be smart. If you’re afraid that no one’s going to like your comic because you “can’t draw” then like….People don’t like my art all the time everywhere. You can’t let that stop you.

I thought I would share.