Stuff I Love: The Movie Trivia Schmoedown

In a world where two grown men combined the theatrics of wrestling with the knowledge of movie trivia comes the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Do some of the competitors take it too seriously? Yes. Do some of them not take it seriously enough? Hell yes! What’s undeniable however is the dedication of all involved to deliver a top notch product.

All-Time Personal Favorite: The Star Wars Iron Man Match

The weaving of storylines, rivalries, factions, and crazy shenanigans elevates the trivia to next level status. Then add in color commentary, promos, and pay-per-view style events. There would be less of an investment in these competitors without these components seamlessly blending together.

If you love movies from classic to superhero movies, check out the Schmoedown. You can watch the latest season below, or all of the title matches: