The Afternoons with Josh & Ken

Every now and then I stray away from my normal artistic endeavors. As was the case in making these “logos” for my favorite new podcast: The Afternoons with Josh & Ken.

Josh Macuga and Ken Napzok are two guys I’ve followed for a while through their time with The Schmoes Know show and the Collider network. The two of them hit it off with a podcast on Ken’s own personal network. “The Afternoons” sparked its own channel and is a mainstay in my Friday rotations.

I took as inspirations for logos the show’s uber-fun vibe and its “silly look at a serious world.” Also, Ken is a former FM DJ, and Josh loves loud suits. Put all of that together and I created this bumper sticker style logo. It looks local radio-ish, but exudes the bold loudness of these two fine gentlemen…well at least Josh.

Josh and Ken make me laugh each week, and whenever I listen, because “it doesn’t matter when you listen, it’s always the afternoon.”