The Fox

What exactly does the Fox say? According to this Ylvis classic it’s any of these options:

I never heard of this ridiculous song until my eldest daughter begged and pleaded for me to search for it on YouTube. Turns out that Physical Education now includes dancing to folks playing Just Dance. I hope these YouTubers are monetized because they’re making a killing off of schools.

In all honesty, it does get the blood flowing. My concerns as a parent are more of “what is the song that’s playing?” and “what are the dance moves?”.

And an added bonus: this is now the Official Baby Pereira theme song. Julian will hum this song to himself. He dances up a storm to it as well.

Do your kids do these at school? Or are they still pegging each other in the face with dodgeballs?

Here’s the official video. It’s just as entertaining.