The Year to Focus

January. 2020.

It’s time!! The new year is here and you know what that means. Assessments. It’s the time to assess where I’ve been the past year. And it’s the time to assess what is yet to come.

And it’s also a time, being the year 2020, to gain focus and clarity. What do I want to have achieved come this time next year? What about three years from now? Five?

I saw a lot of folks experience layoffs already this year, and it drove home the point that unless you take ownership of your future, you are slave to the whims of others.

Last year, cartoonists Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar, hosts of ComicLab, laid out their One-, Three-, and Five-Year Plans (ComicLab, Episode 91:

Truthfully I’ve not taken the time to create a roadmap of where I am, versus where I want to be. The ComicLab episode, combined with two other life events, were the virtual kicks in the nuts

It inspired me to create my own plan. Here are some of what I laid out:

One-Year Goals

  • Projects; Finish three story scripts
  • Financial: Get paid fine illustrations
  • Creative Development: Meet ups with local artists

Three-Year Goals

  • Projects: Kickstart first book of cartoon strips
  • Financial: Receive a steady cash flow from
  • Creative Development: Attend Alaska Comics Camp

Five-Year Goals

  • Projects: Ten completed mini-series
  • Financial: Make five figures from illustration.
  • Creative Development: Start a creative cohort

So what are your plans/goals? Share it. Put it out there and see what happens. Good luck!