There’s Work To Do and I’m Excited

I feel this anxiety everyday:

…I want to know without the shadow of a doubt that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m working on the things I’m supposed to be working on…that are impacting not just my life today, but the very future of my family. And if those things aren’t in this very clear alignment, then I feel lost, disconnected, apathy…maybe. I just feel aimless, and perhaps you know that feeling. I’ve had that feeling a lot in my life.

I’ve just been waking up these last few mornings feeling really good. There’s a lot of work to do, obviously, I just know why. I can answer that question, ‘Why are you doing what you’re doing?’

John Saddington

I’m doing it for my kids, for my way of life, and our collective sanity. At present I work two hours starting at five something in the morning, then ride an hour plus on a bus to work six hours in the office, and finally make my way back home.

This rendition of my schedule at least gives me some time in the morning with one or two of my kids. But before relocating to the area, I stayed home. I miss that time with my kids. We would go to the library, the pool, the local bookstore and comic shops. We’d have lunch with my wife, and we cooked most every day. Now our lives are vastly different. We are forced to fit in snippets of this past life where we can, but it’s never enough.

I aim to change this situation. I will change this situation. Just check out my tweet from earlier today:

I can help you!

Then I shot this shot in the dark as my true Simu Liu tweet:

Let’s see what happens first and rock it like Jon Schnepp!