Tools of Titans: Amelia Boone

No one owes you anything

The first chapter of section “Healthy” brings us Amelia Boone, an avid obstacle course racer. I ran a Warrior Dash once a few years ago. It was a fun time but nothing I would consider consistently participating in. The appeal of these higher end, more difficult races like the Spartans or Tough Mudders, has bypassed my interest. I can still appreciate, however, the level of work that goes into success on the competitive level of these OCRs.

I recently shared that I am working on a children’s book. The idea has been in my head for around 2 years, and I am just getting into execution mode. I have the bad habit of sitting on my laurels and not executing. I aim to avoid this behavior and it’s one of the first things I see when approaching my desk:

Image of inspirational quotes and randomness, including in big letters EXECUTION
EXECUTE in big, bold letters.

The book is just one of the projects products in the pipeline. There is a podcast, a vlog, and a comic book, all that I will deliver as “finished, not perfect” products. I have been and continue to invest my time into these creative endeavors

It is important though for me to realize now that no matter how much work, effort, blood, sweat, tears (or  anything else) I put into these products, no one is obligated to like them. No one will be obligated to buy them. At this point in time, I’m creating everything for me. But I will work to put myself in a position for others to care enough about what I’ve created to want to join me on this journey.

The small deposits on working towards my ultimate goals will add up over time, and hopefully bear fruit at some point in my life.

Are you actively developing a project or product? Are you still thinking about starting? Stop thinking about it and do it. Let’s create together and produce a tangible piece of our creativity for others to enjoy with us.