Tools of Titans: The Beginning

It’s funny how my reading of the Foreword automatically changed once I saw the word “Governator.”

I’m starting Tim Ferriss’ book and the first words I read are from Arnold Schwarzenegger. OK…OK…

I am not a self-made man.

None of us are self-made men or women, and it’s important for us to realize this. You can’t do it alone. Well, you could. But that would inherently make everything you do harder than it should be.

What’s the first thing most people┬ádo when embarking on a endeavor? They check around and see if someone else has done it before. I’ve done this when I was getting married, becoming a Dad, transitioning┬ámy career, and most recently making some built-in workstations for my kids in my wife’s office. The purpose of researching, and seeking out answers, is not solely to find a process, but to see where others have succeeded and failed.

What’s important also is for individuals to share their knowledge. John Saddington had a post recently (probably influenced by this book) titled “Give, Give, Give.” Share your ideas, share your passions, and share your knowledge.

When you do this, be sure that you will reap the rewards in one way or another.