Twitter: You’ve Changed

Twitter’s new look took flight the other day to the praise and condemnation, of it’s users.

Comments covered the spectrum of criticism with any software update, but this one pretty much summed it all up: 

It’s hard not to agree that we Twitter users really just want the ability to edit Tweets. It’s what makes Skype better than Apple Messages. You make a mistake and you can fix it with a simple edit. Just imagine a world where we could avoid future “covfefe” gaffes. 

But I digress. Here are some before and after comparisons. The side navigation is a little bit of an adjustment, but as I scroll through my timeline I mostly notice numerous users that now need to adjust their profile pictures. 

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Also, the icons look like a variation of the familiar:

Instagram-esque: Similar grey iconography runs along the bottom of Twitter 7.0.