37.07.16: Words and Pictures

Site under construction.

How many times did the early users of the internet see that scrolling across the screen? Or how many times did we see those words sandwiched by a stick figure construction workers?

While you won’t see any stick figures here, you will see some changes happening on the site. I have a new theme and I’m transitioning the site structure to something more simple.

I’m focusing on just two sections: words and pictures.


Words can be written or spoken (go figure). So this is the hub for the blog, my scripts and story ideas. Plus, the Amateur Dads podcast.


Pictures is home to comics, pen and ink work, and my sequential art. From now on, any of my work from art challenges will be posted in the blog.

So this is a big undertaking, but this sort of reorganization is needed. I’m trimming down and clarifying my purpose with this website. I may remove some posts, or archive. Who knows. I’m not really sure if that’s worth the investment of time. But ultimately, my work will be at the forefront.