36.5.28: You Are Software

A company is like software. It has to be usable, it has to be useful. And it probably has bugs, places where the company crashes because of bad organizational design or cultural oversights.

When you start to think of your company as a product, all sorts of new possibilities for improvement emerge. When you realize the way you work is malleable, you can start molding something new and something better.

-from It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work, Chapter 1 “Your Company is a Product”, page 10

John Saddington presented this exerpt from Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson in the video above. He then offered these thoughts/perspectives on how we can transform the evolution of software to our lives:

A great extension would be to think about your life as a piece of software…Software is meant to be changed, it’s meant to be tested. It does break, there are inefficiencies, there are things to improve, just like your life…Set aside time, intentionally, to work on it.

Later on he lays out some of his plan for approaching the new year:

That’s what I want into 2019 thinking that this is a piece of software, my body, your body is a piece of software. We should take it as such. There are opportunities to improve, make it better, review, maybe destroy? There are parts of your life that you really just need to throw away, and just remove. It’s just an old application, its a legacy system that no longer really functions the way that it should or once did, but no longer is as useful [and] there are upgrades available.

As the New Year is starting, a lot of folks start some sort of resolution which they’re most likely going to fall short of since they are probably setting an unachievable goal from a cold start. The approach to consistent upgrades over an extended period of time (duh, your life) is a much better way to see results.

So what is it that Jae version 36.5.28 hopes to review, improve, or destroy? I have some thoughts and goals which I will follow up with. But what are your goals? How can you be more like software?