Tools of Titans: Maria Popova

I didn’t even make it into the chapter before Maria was dropping BOMBS!

If you’re looking for a formula for greatness, the closest we’ll ever get, I think, is this: Consistency driven by a deep love of the work.


Life is a continual process of arrival into who we are.

Tim Ferriss was right in stating, “Her quality and output are staggering.” Maria touches upon consistency, passion, and adaptability from the get-go, three important factors to productivity and achieving your objectives. They fall in line with my and many others’ situations where there’s a job to pay the bills, life’s responsibilities, and then everything else.
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Tools of Titans: BJ Miller

What could possibly be the biggest takeaways from a chapter with sections like “Don’t Believe Everything That You Think,” “Delighting in Perishability,” and “The Miracle of a Snowball”?

There are quite a few, but the biggest one to me is:

One way for all of us to live until we’re actually dead is to prize those little moments.

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