Preptember 2020


More like “Leave all Inktober planning to the end of September and still try and complete a full project”-tember.

So Inktober is 4 days away from starting. October 1, 2020. My plan for Inktober 2020 was is to make a short comic utilizing the prompts as best I can.

Despite not feeling as prepared as I should be, I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m writing/illustrating a short comic around the prompts.

Winema is a brainchild when it comes to languages, even though everyone just wears translators. Little did she know that her “useless” skill would be the key to saving everyone on The Atlas from a band of Reaperi pirates.

It’s a fun, thrilling story that I look forward to sharing with you. Here’s a time lapse of my creation of the base, The Atlas.

The Atlas, Made in ProCreate

Inktober 2018

31 days, 31 drawings.

It may seem crazy, but another Inktober is under a month away!

Ermagur!!! I believe that 2018 will be the best year yet.

For those of you participating in this year’s challenge, and if you are looking for some inspiration, please take a look at my Inktober: Astronaut Edition book. It’s filled with some of my best work ever and a little of my thought process behind each drawing. Take a look: more “Inktober 2018”

Threadless Store

I’ve opened up a shop on Threadless. The first designs are an homage to the series Batman: White Knight.

In this story, The Joker has gone sane (thanks to some meds) but is still out to get back at his nemesis. This time, however, he’s going about it the legal way. He’s running for city council and is animate in letting the voices of Gotham’s forgotten be heard. So with that, I made some Napier for Councilman shirts (and mugs).

Amateur Dads is on iTunes

Well seek and he shall find. 

We’re now available for download on iTunes! They had a quick approval proc as. They really are just checking that your RSS feed is set up properly. 

Seeing it up here makes me want to edit info already. Hopefully there are no snags with that. 

Amateur Dads is on Stitcher

This has been pretty fun figuring out the RSS feeds and getting uploaded in multiple places. Now to just get iTunes to work so I can get us up there. 

Here is our show link on Stitcher: 

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AD Ep 001: Roller Coasters, Movies, and the Four Universal Beverages

Well, we’ve done it. The first episode is up and loaded to YouTube and SoundCloud. I still need to get the RSS feed hooked up to iTunes but this is a start. We’re pretty pumped up about it. It’s a lot of work though. I probably overthought the visuals for YouTube but I wanted to do something more than just have a singular picture up the entire hour. Thus, the visual aids.

My brother and I would really appreciate any feedback at @amateurdads on Twitter or send us an email at Keep it constructive.

Amateur Dads: Podcast Premiere Coming Soon

We’re working on a format issue but my brother and I are so close to getting our first podcast up. It may be on SoundCloud or I may upload to YouTube with visuals.

Or it could be both. We’ll let you know. 

Wonder Woman

Here is the latest sketch and review for Wonder Woman. My brother Keith and I discuss the movie with no spoilers: I’ve seen it, he hasn’t.

An artists note: I find Diana hard to draw from scratch. I don’t know what it is, maybe the tiara. 

The audio is an excerpt from the Amateur Dads podcast episode 1. 

Disney World Animal Kingdom

[I thought I posted this one but I guess not.]

After a bus schedule mishap, we drove over to Animal Kingdom. Here is what happened:

The Kilimanjaro Safari is the best way to experience animals from Africa. Ever since we went last year the zoo, any zoo, just isn’t the same. Let them be free!

Also, we were Lions this time around at the Festival of The Lion King. Last time was warthogs and that’s just not the same.

St. Augustine, Day 2

St. Augustine really is a beautiful city. It reminds me of parts of Charleston, or New Orleans as well. But there is that Spanish touch of architecture which sucks me in and finds me in awe. I loved walking around and seeing the old buildings and the Castillo de San Marco. That fort reminded me of another National Monument, El Castillo del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

On the food side, St. Augustine isn’t lacking. There were three different breakfast places all on the same block/corner. We chose the Maple Street Biscuit Company. They had an amazing Maple Vanilla Latte. Wonderful service and a great vibe. I could eat there every day.

St. Augustine, Day 1

After a two and a half hour drive, we found ourselves on the white sandy beaches of St. Augustine. I had some nice GoPro footage from the water. Video of Myles running towards the water, and then running right back out.

We hit up an awesome local seafood spot with a ginormous Lobster Mac and Cheese. Eleni helped me eat it the best she could. We didn’t finish.

Disney Magic Kingdom

We spent day 3 in Disney World at the Magic Kingdom. I was able to score some FastPass+ times for Peter Pan and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. If you’ve ever gone to Disney you know those are impossible to have short waits.