Inktober Prompts and Subject

I’m excited for this year’s Inktober (have I mentioned that already?). The prompt list was posted the other day.

My Twitter poll on what to draw this year ended.

Supplies are in hand (more on the way).

So what am I drawing this year: one character in 31 styles. This is artistic styles now. So I will highlight 31 of my artistic inspirations, and draw the subject matter how I feel the artist of the day would draw them.

This could end up really cool. It could end up looking bad. I really just want to complete the 31 days, because I haven’t done that yet. I used the Inktober prompts to guide my artists decisions. I tried to match art styles to the prompts. Some were harder than others.

So here are the goals for the month:

  1. Complete an ink drawing every day of October
  3. Highlight some of my artistic influences
  4. Improve my personal style of drawing by studying others

I steered clear of specific characters on my which character to draw poll:

Please vote. The poll ends soon. I wanted to keep it broad since I already have two restraints in place no need for more. In fact, the two I already have could be too much. We’ll see how this all goes.

I’m still really excited though.