Preptember 2020


More like “Leave all Inktober planning to the end of September and still try and complete a full project”-tember.

So Inktober is 4 days away from starting. October 1, 2020. My plan for Inktober 2020 was is to make a short comic utilizing the prompts as best I can.

Despite not feeling as prepared as I should be, I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m writing/illustrating a short comic around the prompts.

Winema is a brainchild when it comes to languages, even though everyone just wears translators. Little did she know that her “useless” skill would be the key to saving everyone on The Atlas from a band of Reaperi pirates.

It’s a fun, thrilling story that I look forward to sharing with you. Here’s a time lapse of my creation of the base, The Atlas.

The Atlas, Made in ProCreate

Inktober 2018

31 days, 31 drawings.

It may seem crazy, but another Inktober is under a month away!

Ermagur!!! I believe that 2018 will be the best year yet.

For those of you participating in this year’s challenge, and if you are looking for some inspiration, please take a look at my Inktober: Astronaut Edition book. It’s filled with some of my best work ever and a little of my thought process behind each drawing. Take a look: more “Inktober 2018”

February: “Couples of Fiction” Series

Hey everybody. As we all know, February is the month of “love.” It’s the month we can appreciate those in our lives. So as a cool series I decided to draw and ink a “Couples of Fiction” series. It’s starting with a comic book characters, but who knows where it will lead.

You can follow my progress over on Instagram ( until I bring some nice images to my portfolio. Or tweet me any ideas for more couples at @jaepereiraart.

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Please give me some time to get everything up and running fully, but I’m glad you have paid a visit to my little space on the web.

Keep up with my escapades here as I post updates. Or you can follow me on Twitter at @JMPin140. And follow my art at @jaepereiraart on Twitter and Instagram