I enjoy tinkering and utilizing different tools to create. This could be anything from a new pencil or pen to new paper to a new piece of hardware or software. I’m open to anything that will improve my work, or my processes. I also enjoy learning. So this is a good catalog of items I’ve found help me at this current time in my life.

Note: This list will change constantly, thus the strikethroughs. It’s good for tracking over time what I have used, what “improvements” I’ve made with my setup, and, possibly, where I will go


I predominately draw analog, but I am building my digital skills through the SVS Learn Foundations Curriculum. Check them out if you are interested in leveling up your art skills.

As far as the maker tools, here is a break down of my analog and digital tools:


This website, and blog, is run on a self-hosted version of WordPress. I switched to the Herschel theme, and am restructuring the site. I write my scripts in Pages so it’s accessible on all my devices. Most of my work is typed on a 13″ MacBook Air running OS X Yosemite macOS Sierra with 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 and 8GB of memory. Sometimes I write on the iPad with my logitech Slim Folio Pro.

I also keep notes in the previously mentioned Moleskine Cahier Journals. I use Field Notes for capturing story ideas. I find things are lost in my Notes app. I try to Bullet Journal but it’s a task to get into the habit of that structure.


My brother and I have a parenting podcast, Amateur Dads, about the joys and stresses of being a parent, and everything in between. Check it out some time. We’ve discussed a range of topics, including 2019 World Series post-game shows during the Nationals first championship run!

We utilize the platform for recording and hosting the podcast. It’s easy to use the Anchor app on my iPhone XR (Product)Red with a Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case (to show off that lovely (Product)Red color) for recording. When we get serious, I use a Blue Yeti USB Microphone with a Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield.

I tried vlogging for a little while using a iPhone 7 Plus Gold in a Spigen Hybrid Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case. It didn’t stick. Damn that editing process! I would use iMovie. I do see the value in video though. Maybe I revisit in a different way next year.

Other Tools I Enjoy